Air coolers

Whether It is for cows, stables, yards or patios. There is a wide range of outdoor air coolers (evaporative cooling) available as a quick, effective and mobile solution.

Here are some outdoor air coolers by xCooling Dubai :

  •  Desert cooler

TEC-113 Desert cooler air coditioner


  • the giant outdoor air cooler

TEC-112 outdoor air conditioner desert wet swamp air cooler


  • portable outdoor cooler

TEC-111 Portable outdoor air cooler ac air conditioner


  •  mobile evaporative air conditioner

TEC-117 portable outdoor air cooler conditiner (evaporative)

  •  New Design outdoor AC

Patio Air cooler Dubai

  •  outdoor AC

outdoor air cooler dubai

  •  outdoor air conditioner

All available from in Dubai warehouse . Selected models available for rental within Dubai , Abu Dhabi and UAE as well.


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