Dairy Cooling System

Dairy Cooling System



Dairy Cooling System


Intended to give the greatest day and night dairy animals cooling conceivable. Tough and solid. Simple to introduce and keep up.

• Steerable (180° revolution), long toss, clouding fans for day and night cooling

• Customizable programmed controls

• Reliable and simple to introduce and keep up

• High quantifiable profit

Schaefer’s protected  dairy fan cooling framework joins progressed 36″ high-speed fans and clouding frameworks with an even rotational mounting structure that permits the fans to “flip” 180° to point outside the shade for evening time cooling.

FlipFan produces a normal speed of 7-10 mph over the shade  of evaporative cooling per fan.

With control choices extending from straightforward manual controls to fan and pad driven PLCs that change your framework for time, temperature, mugginess, wind speed, draining and sustain plans, FlipFan conveys a definitive dairy cooling answer for a scope of spending plans.


36” High-Velocity Fan

1/2 Hp 3-Phase Motor

Frequency: 60 Hz

Volts: 230/460

Amps: 2.4/1.2

RPM: 825

CFM: 15,352


Air Speed at:

0 feet – 1593 ft/min. 18.1 mph

25 feet – 926 ft/min. 10.5 mph

50 feet – 409 ft/min. 4.6 mph

3/4 Hp 3-Phase Motor

Frequency: 50//60 Hz

Volts: 230/460//190/380

Amps: 3.3/1.7//3.8/1.9

RPM: 830//660

CFM: 18,280//16,964


Air Speed (60 Hz) at:

0 feet – 1910 ft/min. 21.7 mph

25 feet – 1168 ft/min. 13.3 mph

50 feet – 716 ft/min. 8.1 mph


Recommended Fans per Truss by Length of Truss
Recommended Fans per Truss by Length of Truss


• Adjusts for wind rate and heading “Keep the cooling on your cows.”™

• Adjusts fog yield for temperature and stickiness

• Better bed drying with edge fans on beds while draining or when not required during the evening

• Quiet operation

• Rugged and dependable

For the duration of the day, your bovines’ inward temperatures rise. Daytime cooling is essential to controlling this temperature rise, however, it won’t dispense with it. Indeed, even with daytime cooling your dairy animals’ temperatures, heat stress ascends until they achieve their top after the night processing.

During the evening, after the sun goes down, your cows leave the shade and roll in the pen until morning. This is the most basic time for your dairy animals to recoup from the warmth stress aggregated amid the day. On the off chance that evening time temperatures are not adequately low, your bovines won’t completely recoup before the following day’s warmth cycle starts. In the event that they don’t recoup amid the night, heat stress aggregates until milk generation and origination rates decay significantly.

Fans cooling inside the shade around evening time don’t help your bovines recoup from warmth stress in the event that they are in the loafing pen and not under the fans. During the evening, the FlipFan dairy cooling framework repositions the fans into the loafing pen where the bovines spend the night. With the evening time cooling of the FlipFan, your cows can completely recoup before the following day’s warmth stress aggregation starts. This implies more advantageous bovines, more drain, and higher origination rates.

FlipFan dairy cooling framework offers daytime cooling and evening time recuperation with the same fans.

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