Mist cooling system and misting fans

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In summer season, we can feel the air humidity increased, the air becomes dry, many people use air conditioning, but there are some choose to use a Misting fan. Using this machine it can save energy, affordable and it is very effective especially in Outdoor Area.

Background technique

An electric fan, or simply a fan, is a type of household appliance that uses electric motors to drive fan blades to achieve accelerated air flow. We usually use the fan need to use home power to power, once the power cannot be used. But in life, if we often encounter some cannot be free to use the traditional power supply situation. As in school classrooms, the students use the cooling fan or air conditioner is often no problem to meet the cooling requirements of students in each seat, but also in the hot summer wind blowing traditional fan is hot; it is difficult to bring cool feeling.

In view of the above problems, the utility model provides Portable Misting fan which can be powered by a conventional mobile electric appliance and has a good cooling effect.


  1. In a certain indoor temperature, the ordinary fan blows a hot air while the Misting fan is blowing cold.
  2. Centrifugal atomization disk fog is very fine.
  3. Spray fan motor coils all use pure copper wire.
  4. All surfaces of the product are treated with paint.
  5. Fan motor move up to 90 degree, so that it can covers wide area.
  6. Spray volume can be adjusted according to different requirements, spray volume of 0-5 liters / hour.

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