Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling in Dubai

The outdoor air can evaporate water outside the pipe, allowing heat to be removed from the recirculation air that flows inside the pipe. In this evaporation mode, the heat exchanger can cool the recirculating air even if the outside temperature is high. There will always be a few days outside the weather overheating too humid, then you can use a small mechanical cooling system to supplement the evaporative cooler.

Air passes through the cooling pad or media and evaporates with the help of energy in the air, allowing the air to cool only through the fan and the pump. The original air is expelled and replaced with fresh cooling air. The evaporative cooling medium has a steeper angle to direct more water into the inlet side of the cooling pad, where the most water is needed.

To solve this problem, in the air-cooled condenser in front of the installation of evaporative cooling device cooling system. The evaporative pre-cooling system cools the surrounding air before it condenses, which reduces the load on the condenser. After the evaporative pre-cooling process, the damp cold air passes through the condenser coil, and with the refrigerant for efficient heat exchange, so that the entire system even in outdoor high temperature conditions can also be effective. In addition, due to the cooling capacity of the system increases, the cooling capacity of the equipment can also be reduced accordingly, thereby saving energy.

Evaporative cooling air conditioning technology is a use of water evaporation endothermic refrigeration technology. Water in the air with the ability to evaporate, in the absence of other heat source conditions, water and air between the heat and moisture exchange process is the air will be sensible heat transfer to the water, so that the temperature of the air drop. And because of the evaporation of water, air moisture content not only to increase, but also into the air vapor to bring back some latent heat of vaporization.

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